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Preparation for the 2013 DELE exam
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Spanish has become one of the world's essential languages to know in international contexts, and its importance continues to grow. Knowing this language and being able to correctly and efficiently use this communication tool is very valuable for any CV. Earning a DELE diploma from the Cervantes Institute is an objective, reliable and official way to prove the level of your Spanish skills. The Cervantes Institute, an official institution under the Spanish Ministry of Education and culture, awards these certificates which have permanent and international validity.
Two official calls for DELE exam testing are usually given to obtain the certificate. Testing usually takes place around the second Friday and/or Saturday of May and November, along with an extra call for testing given in August at certain locations as deemed necessary.
Theses exams will put your Spanish skills to the test; from listening comprehension and oral expression to written expression and comprehension, you will be expected to correctly use grammar appropriate to each level. The DELE exams are created according to the levels outlined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: from level A1 up to level C2.
To ensure successful exam results, taking a DELE preparation course is always recommended. These courses help candidates acquire the specific skills needed to pass the different tests, as each test presents specific features. Although candidates can study on their own by using one of the exam manuals on the market, we advise certificate hopefuls to take a course (if possible). This is the best way to prepare for this very important exam and avoid having to deal with any last minute test surprises.
One unique opportunity we are recommending is an offer being given now by don Quijote, the most prestigious organization for the DELE, which has extensive experience and a long tradition in preparation instruction for these types of exams.
If you register to take any 2013 course with don Quijote, and you book the course before October 29, 2012, you will only pay the 2012 price. The offer includes DELE exam preparation courses.