Categories: General
      Date: Dec 21, 2015
     Title: Extra DELE Exam Session
Extra DELE Exam Session

Along with organizing and managing the DELE, the Instituto Cervantes also manages the CCSE (exam for Constitutional and Socio-Cultural Knowledge of Spain), which is necessary to pass in order to obtain Spanish citizenship and which many foreign residents of Spain choose to take.


The Instituto Cervantes, at the demand of candidates who hope to pass the DELE A2, which is the minimum level of Spanish needed to obtain Spanish citizenship, have made the decision to create an extra DELE exam session in February, limited to level A2 (for adults).


This session is limited to exam centers in Spain, and although it was created for those who would like to become Spanish citizens, it is open to all candidates who want to take the exam.


The only important change is that registration must be completed online at and not by following normal procedures for registering for and taking a DELE exam.


Payment of DELE A2 exam fees (€124) must also be completed at the same website.


It is very important to remember to save your RECEIPT OF PAYMENT and REGISTRATION RECEIPT and to bring them to the exam, along with an official ID (Identification Document, Passport, etc.).


The REGISTRATION PERIOD for this extra session is from January 12 to February 1, 2016.


The EXAM DATE is February 9, 2016.