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      Date: Sep 17, 2015
     Title: Last DELE Sessions in 2015
Last DELE Sessions in 2015

Last DELE Sessions in 2015

The registration period for the October DELE exam, held on October 16, has ended. Remember that the October exam session will include tests for levels A1, B1 and B2 exclusively.

There is still time to register for November’s exam session (held on November 20 and 21). Please remember to contact the center at which you would like to take the exam to confirm exam dates and times, which can vary depending on the center. This last exam session in 2015 will include exams for all levels (from A1 to C2).

In 2016 (and remember, we’ve published a DELE exam calendar for the upcoming year early) five DELE exam session will be held, as was the case this year, in order to best meet the needs of candidates of all levels.