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      Date: Mar 31, 2014
     Title: New DELE A1 school level exam. 

New DELE A1 school level exam.

In the examination period of May 2014, for the first time, there will be the option of taking the DELE A1 school level. Although this level is specifically designed for students aged 11-16 years old, it is not exclusive, which means any candidate older than this age group can still take the exam.

This new level, like all DELE exam levels, has a prestigious international value, and its validity is permanent.

The DELE A1 school level exam, like the adult one, is made up of four tests: reading comprehension (45 minutes), listening comprehension (20 minutes), written expression and interaction (25 minutes) and oral expression and interaction (15 minutes interaction after fifteen minutes preparation). This exam is different from the adult levels in that content regarding fields, contexts, situations, and vocabulary tasks have been adapted for younger candidates. In addition, there are some small structural differences:

The Cervantes Institute has set up a link for this specific level:

We offer a model of this new A1 school-level exam:

And also a small guide with detailed information on the characteristics of the different tasks that make up the exam:

Find out which centers will hold the new A1 school-level exam: